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Mold making, casting in resins pewter bronze
casting in pewter, resin, bronze, porcelain
Fine art gallery cold cast bronze, pewter, porcelain
Resin casing mold making

Casting Made in USA
Made In USA

Mold making, production, Centrifugal casting, rotational casting, pressure casing.

Fine art casing in pewter, resin,urethane, bronze porcelain

The versatility of casting media combined with modern casting resins provides the basis to supply product in virtually unlimited selection of finishes.  Using high quality RTV, silicone, and organic rubbers, our tooling and casting processes allow us to capture every detail of the original model.  We provide an exacting replica to the customer. 

We are able to custom formulate our casting materials to simulate a wide range of casting finishes. Listed below are just a
few possibilities:


Gold Plate
Terra Cotta

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Midnight Crossing cold cast bronze sculpture
Assorted pewter fine art castings
assorted cold cast sculptures, wood, ivory, terra cotta, bronze
American Artists cold cast porcelain sculpture
These photos provide a sample of our versatility of casting ability and application of finishes.

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